Learning Power BI - Keywords, Key Topics to learn and useful links

 1) Keywords - you should know what each of these mean, when you learn PBI.

  1. Power BI Licensing: Free, Pro, Premium
  2. Power BI Cloud and Power BI On-Premise (Power BI Report Server)
  3. Power BI Desktop and how to use it
  4. Ways to bring in data - Import Data, Direct Query and Live
  5. What is SSAS Tabular and why PBI with SSAS Tabular model is great combination
  6. Size limitations when you do Import Data
  7. # of times you can refresh data in a day  - when you do Import Data
  8. Building Blocks of PBI - DataSets, Dashboards, Reports, Tiles, Visualizations
  9. Slicers
  10. Filters and difference with Slicers
  11. What is DAX and DAX Expressions 
  12. Custom Columns
  13. Custom Measures and difference with Custom Columns
  14. Data Modeling within PBI Desktop
  15. Certain basic business expectations - how do you do it in PBI - Bringing in YTD, MTD, Doing Trends, Comparing YoY, MoM
  16. Using Maps
  17. Using InfoGraphics
  18. Custom Visuals and how to use them
  19. SQL Server latest version
  20. SQL Server various Editions
  21. Writing basic SQL Queries
  22. Using SQL Commands in PBI
  23. Using SQL Stored Procedures in PBI
  24. What is PBIX file
  25. Publishing PBI to Power BI Service
  26. Creating Dashboards and adding visuals from multiple PBI Reports and seeing relationships help dissect the data

2) Guided Learning - Quick 30 mins learning on PBI - you should all start here. - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/guided-learning/gettingstarted?tutorial-step=1

 3) Then, a few days course on Power BI - on EDX. Learning this is free. This is what I recommend to anyone coming into PBI. - https://www.edx.org/course/analyzing-and-visualizing-data-with-power-bi-3


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