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Managed Properties in FAST 2010 Search Server

Is there a difference between creating Managed Properties between SharePoint 2010 Search and FAST 2010 Search? The answer here is: Yes… the process of making a property searchable is a bit different between FAST and SP Search. FAST can only filter/property search on Managed Properties. Managed Properties are derived from crawled properties and are not automatically created like in SP Search. FAST does come with some default Managed Properties like Author, Site, Name, etc… and that’s why those properties work on you FAST system and not the newly created “Reference No”. Here are the instructions on how to list/add/edit a Managed Property in FAST. Try creating a managed property for your fields, recrawl, test searching on that managed property.

Windows 2008 R2 taking forever to start when dcpromo is done

Had been trying to set up a Windows 2008 R2 machine at home since last Saturday. But i kept getting bug by this issue where Windows is taking FOREVER to boot. when i mean FOREVER, it meant like ~1 hour, when i finally gave up waiting and just reset the machine. I tried living with it, but figured out that something is really wrong. I should point out that i had dcpromo-ed the installation. I had had older windows DC taking like 5 mins or so to boot up because it was the only domain controller and DNS server on the network. But this was really unusual. I tried booting from safe mode and it freezes after loading classpnp.sys. Google wasn’t exactly helpful. Tons of people seems to be stuck loading this driver because of various reasons. So i reinstalled the installation and tested it step by step. windows updates had no issue, drivers had no issue, and it happens right after i do dcpromo. After search on the web this time, i found out dcpromo will attempt to disable write cac