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Sharing in SharePoint 2013 - Explained well 

What’s new in Office 2016 for developers

As you’ve read,   the new Office is here   and for developers, this is an exciting time! The ability to insert add-ins into your documents, call new Office.js APIS, launch task panes inside your Office clients and run commands directly from the ribbon increases the productivity of your entire team! Add-ins now work across Office 2016 running on Windows, Office Online in your browser, Office 2016 on the Mac (Outlook currently) and Office on the iPad. Office 2016 on Windows introduces some new extensibility features that will roll out over the other Office clients over time. Add-in commands Add-in commands provide ways to initiate specific add-in actions from the ribbon. This lets users access add-ins in a simple, intuitive and unobtrusive way. Because they offer increased functionality in a seamless manner, add-in commands allow developers to create more engaging scenarios and add-ins. Add-in commands are declared in the add-in manifest in a new node called VersionOverride

Configure Free SSL with Exchange Server

Steps to configure Free SSL with Exchange Server