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Solved: Battery Icon not visible and Power Toggle option disabled in Windows 10

I run Windows 10 Pro and the battery icon disappeared a few days before. When I went into the System Notifications Icons On / Off, the Power Button was disabled and I could not toggle it on. I then went to Device Manager, Disabled and Re-Enabled couple of options under the Battery Node. The Battery Icon came again!

SSRS Installation on Single and Multiple Servers

Please find the below steps for SSRS installation Single Server Farm Installation 1.        Install SQL Server (Select Reporting Service - SharePoint, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products) 2.        Ensure SharePoint-native mode is not selected 3.        Install SharePoint server 4.        Run Install-SPRSService 5.        Run Install-SPRSServiceProxy 6.        Ensure SQL server Reporting Service is started in “Manage Services on Server” 7.        Create SQL Server Reporting Service application from “Manage Service Applications) 1 SQL Server 1 SharePoint Server (APP + WFE) SQL Server : 1.        Install SQL Server (Select Reporting Service – SharePoint, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products) 2.        Ensure SharePoint-native mode is not selected SharePoint Server : 1.        Install SharePoint Server 2.        Using SQL setup media that is used in the SQL server, insta

SharePoint Online Navigation Enabling Access Denied - Solved with PowerShell

Check this link for resolution: 

New technologies to learn:

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Power BI Salient Features

PowerBI is certainly raising up the ranks with key differentiators as below: 1.      Updates almost every week from Microsoft 2.      Integration with SSRS 2016 3.      Custom Visuals ( ) where you can write your own visuals and render your business data on it 4.      Excel Add-In for Power BI (Add your Excel Pivot Tables, Charts into Power BI Dashboards) 5.      PowerPoint Add-In for Power BI (Embed Power BI Visuals into your slides) 6.      Quick Insights Feature 7.      Ever growing content packs (more than 59 as I am writing this) 8.      Third party providers for Content Packs and Connectors like Theobald software 9.      Yammer Embed Option – with the ability to have a live conversation with your colleagues along side a Power BI Dashboard 10.   Video Embed Option into your dashboard 11.   Public Web Embed Option (Ability to embed your live visual inside a web page) – see examples of what iGrid has done:

Power BI Clarifications - Q&A

    1.        How can we display Power Bi Visuals inside SharePoint a.        Can we display the whole Dashboard inside SharePoint Pages b.        Or can we display just one Visual inside a SharePoint Page using an App? Response : A new feature has been added to which is managing of embedded codes in the Settings section of PowerBI. It was added sometime last week only. 3 rd party is available at $3 per month: Also, you can embed Power BI Tiles into Office Documents: 2.        How can we provide security for our content so that – the content the dashboard uses only shows the content that the logged in user has permission to a.        Fo

Understanding SharePoint Share Option at Site and Document Levels

The Pre-Conditions to enable External Sharing is that, External Sharing must be turned on for that Particular Site Collection. It can be turned on at the tenant level by the Office 365 Admin and then separately can turn on or off for every Site Collection.   It is important to understand the below scenarios, when Share Option is clicked at the Site Level :   When you are logged in as a User with Full Control Permissions Or you are present in the Owners Group, you can share your Site with both Internal Users as well as External Users; When such a User shares, he also will an option to select one out of 3 permissions levels: Owner, Edit or Read - so accordingly, the Owner user can assign permissions to any of these 3 permission categories.   When you are logged in as a User with Contribute Permissions (Or you are present in the Members group), you can share your Site with both Internal Users as well as External Users). A Member user cannot select the Permission category