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Cross Site Lookup - Goodbye!

In SharePoint 2007, for us to have a common metadata across multiple sites, we used to hunt down the Cross Site Lookup Component. We can bid goodbye now for the same. SharePoint 2010's Enterprise Metadata is the perfect answer for the same. You can just have the complete hierarchy appearing for you as a column (with intellisense) in any document library or you can just have one group selected there. For example, you could have Hardware Servers Desktops Laptops Software OS Applications Mobile as two sets. In a document library you could have terms appearing from either of these or you could have just a term appearing from one category! Cool, try it out. You can check out screenshots in :

FAST 2010 Search Server Changing Index Location

I have a 2 Server FAST 2010 Search Server environment. Initially you would have installed with the default location of C:\FASTSearch. Later, if you would like to change the index location, to let's say a SAN Drive where you have mapped a SAN Partition of few terrabytes Go to FAST 2010 PowerShell of both SPFAST1 and SPFAST2. Run nctrl status You should see the relevant services running. In my SPFast2, I have the RTS Indexer service running. I have changed the FAST Index Location to E: (SAN Partition) in the SPFAST2 machine. The configuration of index and Filter XML Directories are present in c:\FASTSearch\etc\rtsplatformrc.xml file. After I changed, I restarted the machine and bingo, I could see the index files moved to the SAN Partition!

Outsourcing a SharePoint Project vs doing it with an in-house contract resource

Element Outsourcing as a Project Doing the project in-house with a resource (mid level resource to developer category) Requirements Gathering You will have Senior and experienced consultants doing this activity, which results in precise understanding of the requirements The resource will be more technical and so this would not be an easy task for him to do, even if he does, it would result in a poorly compiled understanding Project Scoping Results from the Requirements: Sr People would be in a much better position to do this Would not be able to do Hardware Sizing and Capacity Planning Sr. Consultant required Would be out of reach for a Jr Resource Creating High Level and Low Level Design documents Sr. Technical Consultant required Would not be able to be do Development and Quality Control Can bring in a team of people monitored by excellent team leads a