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Windows 7 Send To SharePoint Document Library

Steps for Send To from Windows Explorer SharePoint 2010 with Windows 7 Steps: Open your Document Library Navigate to your Library Ribbon, click on "Open With Explorer" Copy the path from the URL bar Go to your My Computer, Map Network Drive to this path Now, from all your files, you will have the Send To Appearing for this Network Drive You will be able to directly send files to your Document Libraries from your exploer

PeoplePicker - Picking user from multiple domains, stsadm commands

When you want to pick users from multiple domains in your SharePoint Site's PeoplePicker (it will comfortably work in the Central Administration though!), here is what you need to do. 1. Ensure there is a trust relationship between the two domains (one domain could also be a child domain of another) 2. Run the stsadm -o setapppassword command 3. Run the stsadm -o setproperty command Find screenshots below:

Migrating SharePoint Designer Workflow within same site or different sites

When we have developed complex workflows using SPD, we always find a way to migrate / re-import SharePoint Designer Workflows within the same site or different sites. There is a WF Migrator tool here: . You should try this to see how it works. If not, there seems to be a SPD WF migration tool for $99: The below URL has got screenshots too – to explain this. Before reading the above, I would recommend reading this – where they talk about why it is not easy to port and what aspects to be considered. This is also another blog, which describes this: B

Internet Explorer 9.0, IE9 Observations

I have been using IE 9 beta for a month now and this is what I have observed. Positives: 1. Very clean UI and with lots of real estate for the actual page itself 2. Just drag and drop a browser bar and you can have it open from your system tray itself, like an application 3. Separate downloads window like FireFox 4. IE 9 identifies that you are in a unfilled state in any form and gives you a warning when you try to close that tab or window "Leave this page or stay" 5. Shows the most active sites right in the home page, very handy to navigate to them quickly Not so good: 1. Sometimes, the browser does not allow us to enter text into any textboxes - just appears completely frozen, quite frustrating, I just need to open it in any other browser and do the entry

Excel Web Access "Workbook cannot be opened"

Whenever you encounter this error in your Excel Web Access, check your event viewer, you may find, that a particular account (configured to run your services, including Excel Services) has failed to gain login into the respective content database of the particular web application. SQL Database 'WSS_Content_555' on SQL Server instance 'KARTHICKLAPTOP\SharePoint' not found. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Cannot open database "WSS_Content_555" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'KarthickLaptop\spservices'. Just give read permissions on the database for that login and your excel services, after that should work like a charm.

SharePoint 2010 Editions Comparison

This is one resource you should not miss, if you are starting with SharePoint 2010. Hover over any feature and you will get a small description of what it is!

Application pool FASTSearchAdminAppPool has been disabled. Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered a failure when it started a worker process to serve the Application Pool

If you ever happen to change the password of your FASTUser, SPFAST for example, following are the steps you need to follow: When you have a 2 server environment, just ensure, you change the windows service passwords in both the Admin and Non-Admin Server. In the above instructions link, it has been specified that you should change the FASTSearchAdminAppPool account's identity in the IIS. When you look at it for the first time in your admin server, you will be surprised to not find your IIS! Not to worry, your password change has not done any damage to the IIS. FAST Installation by default installs the Web Server Role but does not install the IIS Management Console. So add "IIS Management Console" role services to your Web Server Role. And then you will be able to find your FASTSearchAdminAppPool, where you can now change your identity. Ensure, you restart your FAST Servers.

SharePoint Server 2007 - Central Administration Service Unavailable

If you encounter the "Service Unavailable" error in your Central Administration, you might try running the Configuration Wizard and also check if the Application Pool is running fine, but if all this does not work, it is definitely ready to take you for a ride. One thing you should check is EventViewer and you might find an issue with any SharePoint Services like SPSearch for exampe not being to successfully login to the content database. You might go to the Control Panel -> Services -> SharePoint Server Search, change the Log On identity to the Farm Admin account and run it successfully, but still you might have a problem with the Central Admin. This is where you need to step back and think if someone has changed the password for the service accounts without actually letting you know! Now, start going through the various stsadm commands over here and update the service accounts one by one... Now, this will definitely do