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SharePoint 2013 - Adding a Blog to an Existing Site (without creating a new site with blog template)

Use the below PowerShell cmdlets Enable-SPFeature -identity "BlogContent" -url  "Sitecollection URL" After enabling the feature go to “Site contents“ then you will find 3 lists named “Posts”,”Comments” and “Categories”. Then you just navigate ‘Posts’ list and click an item then u will get the blogs UI

Adding HTML page Content into SharePoint Page(.aspx) / Showing HTML content in SharePoint page(.aspx)

Requirement: Read HTML file from SharePoint document library and show it inside the SharePoint page (.aspx)(Read all html files and show into custom WebPart, Onclicking the document link it should redirect to custom page where we will display the HTML file). We tried the below code to display to HTML content inside the SharePoint page (.aspx) C# StreamReader srHTML = null ; string strHTML = string .Empty; SPFile spfile = SPContext .Current.Web.Lists.TryGetList( "Documents" ).GetItemById(45).File; srHTML = new StreamReader (spfile.OpenBinaryStream()); strHTML = srHTML.ReadToEnd(); srHTML.Close();            ltrHTMLContent.Text = strHTML; < Div style =" height : 500px">         < asp : Literal ID ="ltrHTMLContent" runat ="server"></ asp : Literal > </ Div > The above works very well!

SharePoint's SQL Server using High Memory (RAM)

Please refer the below links: SQL Server is designed to use all the memory on the server by default. The reason for this is that SQL Server cache the data in the database in RAM so that it can access the data faster than it could if it needed to read the data from the disk every time a user needed it. If we needed to go to the disks every time that SQL Server needed the same data over and over the disk IO requirements would be insanely high. So if you want to fix the memory, then this step can be followed:

iGrid launches SharePoint Add-Ons & Products

An object in the SharePoint administrative framework "SPDatabaseServiceInstance Name=SharePoint" could not be deleted. SPWebServiceName=WSS_Administration SPWebService

SharePoint 2013 – error – removing SQL Server – wss_administration reference Symptoms: When you try to remove a not used SQL Server from SharePoint in the Central admin: An object in the SharePoint administrative framework, "SPDatabaseServiceInstance Name= could not be deleted because other objects depend on it. Update all of these dependants to point to null or different objects and retry this operation. The dependant objects are as follows: SPWebService Name=WSS_Administration Workaround: You have switched to a new SQL server but SharePoint kept a reference. You can use an existing correct Web application to update Central admin with the good one: $centralAdmin =Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | ? { $_ .DisplayName  -match ‘ SharePoint Central Administration’ } $goodExample =Get-SPWebApplication -identity ‘ http://mygoodwebapp’ $centralAdmin .Parent.DefaultDatabaseInstance = $goodExample .Parent.DefaultDatabaseInstance $centralAdmin .Parent

Scaling and adding more servers to SharePoint Foundation 2013 Search

In the last few days, we have not only been trying ourselves with different approaches, but also posted this query with Microsoft folks, Technet Forums and even LinkedIn SharePoint Groups and finally, it is clear that SharePoint Foundation 2013 Search is not scalable and thus you cannot have them spread over multiple servers - which is what we are trying to do here. (This has been confirmed by MS Support as well) Refer the below links: The abov

10 features of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 OS that will cheer users of the latest OS

10 features of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 OS that will cheer users of the latest OS. I t may have taken Microsoft a long time getting it right, but the good news is that Windows Mobile OS has finally arrived in a big way. With a virtual personal assistant, consolidated notification Center, better keyboard, enhanced apps, the latest OS for Windows phones gives the feeling of a robust solution. Of course there are a few areas which need to be addressed, but with the impressive turnout of version 8.1, one can only expect better upgrades in the future. For the time being, let us take a closer look at what WMP 8.1 has to offer. 1. Start Screen Customisation and Live Folder Support Start Screen The improvements greets the users right at the start screen itself, with the option to customise it. Users now get the freedom to set a custom background wallpaper for the start screen, imparting a personal feel to it. To add to it, users can now also set their custom images/photograp

.Net goes Open Source, Free Visual Studio Application, Develop Android Mobile Apps in Visual Studio

Thought of sharing announcements related to . N et product which happened at the connect Conference which is a Microsoft Developer Event. 1 ) Microsoft announced that .NET will go open source – this means developers can write .NET applications that can now run on Linux and OS X, just like Java. There is already an open source initiative called Project Mono ( ) to do this, and Microsoft is working with Xamarin ( ), the company behind Project Mono to make the open source transition. This will not happen all at once, but will be done gradually. Nevertheless, it’s a big change, so read more about it from the following links:

SharePoint Usage Analytics

SharePoint Usage Analytics DashBoard  Description Currently LoggedIn Users Get List of Current Logged in Users under Respective WebApplication Top Sites Top Sites Used Under Respective Web Application Top Pages Top Pages Used Under Respective Web Application Top WebParts Top WebParts Used Under Respective Web Application Handling Page Hits Calculate No.Of Hits on Landing page of a web Application Top Documents Used Frequently used Document Recently Uploaded Documents Last Uploaded/Created Document Recently Modified Documentd Last Updated Document Recent Permission Updates Last Updated Permissions Recent Search Querries Latest Search Queries Top Metadata Keywords Frequently used MetaData KeyWords Large Site High Capacity

Overcoming 2 GB File Size Limit

2 GB File Size limit Overcoming that Please refer Microsoft link: There are 2 third party add-ons provided here: We have to buy these, if we need to overcome this barrier. _______________________________________________________________________________

Creating a simple People Directory

Are you a great Boss?

10 things great bosses do right! "A great boss shows grace under pressure." "A great boss never lets the pressures he faces percolate down to the team." "A great boss grooms his juniors." 1. Great bosses create a great work culture Bosses are custodians; they are the ones responsible for people quitting or staying back. Great bosses can be anti-attrition glues and it is important to groom bosses just as it is important to train their subordinates. A great boss is one who cultivates a great work culture. Work culture cannot be copied or borrowed; it is something only you can cultivate. Culture is like a spoonful of curd being introduced to a litre of milk. A small amount of culture can turn any place around. Cultivating culture is important and a difficult task. A great boss does this effectively. And how does he do it? By demanding transparency and being transparent herself/himself. Holding everyone accountable... starting wi

Configuring SharePoint Apps to work in On-Premise SharePoint (Add Apps from the App Store to SharePoint)

Configuring Apps on premise

SharePoint vs WordPress

​One question we get asked from time to time is what is the difference between WordPress and SharePoint. Below are a few points that describe each of these systems. SharePoint A robust web development platform created and supported by Microsoft Provides a rich environment for completing a multitude of tasks originating around object management Capable of managing documents ranging in number from a few to hundreds Offers a sophisticated public-facing web presence with a robust backend that offers several tools and options for managing your department. Integrates well with other Microsoft software providing MS users with an enhanced user experience Supported and developed by Microsoft although some third party vendors develop and offer solution packages that extend the capabilities of the platform Offers a granular level of permission to the various objects and information stored within the site Offers automated workflows to help make office, task and documen

Elevator Pitch for SharePoint

Employees in an organization share a lot of information among themselves and it is very critical that an effective Intranet Portal is implemented for employees to collaborate effectively in the form of documents, tasks, discussion forums, surveys, wikis, blogs, metadata, knowledge management, content search and many other ways… Microsoft SharePoint based Portals, Document Management, Correspondence Management, Content Management, eForms, Workflows and Business Intelligence solutions have changed the ways employees collaborate and has rapidly increased employee productivity in numerous organizations worldwide. Available on On-Premise as well as Office 365 or Azure, contact us for further information, presentation as well as live demo.

Creating 3 Virtual Machines in Azure and joining them to a Domain using a Virtual Network 

Moving SharePoint from one SQL instance to another

1.        Shutdown SharePoint Front-End Server after stopping all SP Services 2.        Stop the SQL Server Service in SQL02 3.        Copy all database files from SQL02 – MDF, LDF files pertaining to the SharePoint instance 4.        Move these database files to SQL01’s D Drive (whichever drive has higher space) 5.        Install SQL Server 2012 with SP2 or SQL 2014 Std edition on SQL01 6.        Then attach these files to SQL01’s SQL Instance 7.        Restart the SharePoint Front-End Server and start all SP services 8.        Run PowerShell Commands to re-map the SharePoint Server to point to the new SQL Server 9.        Test whether the SharePoint environment works fine

SharePoint Project - Case Studies

Company Business Needs iGrid’s Solution A leading Water desalination plant company, globally present (HQ-India) Project Tracking of their multiple ongoing projects across the country. Task Updation from Outlook itself; Live status being shown in a very intuitive look and feel; data being pulled from their ERP (IFS) and certain other applications. A SharePoint 2013 based portal called “Firstlook” which shows live projects status – with information being pulled from within SharePoint, their ERP and other SQL / Oracle Databases. The project status being intuitively shown using a Tile based User Interface (built on SharePoint); each tile showing further information, charts, graphs and entry screens. Also built an Outlook Add-In using which tasks can be updated within Outlook itself and they will get synchronized with SharePoint Engineering company in the Oil & Gas Industry (HQ-UAE) Co