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SharePoint Mobile Integration

For all devices – iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbion For iPhone only For iPhone only (Spyk Software) For Blackberry Only For Blackberry Only Noko – Mobile Entrée Base Plugin The Mobile Entrée Base Plugin provides out of the boxconfigurable access to: ·          Search - with a configurable scope ·          Lists - Control which lists and views are made available to mobile users (includes support for Announcements,Calendars, Tasks and Links) ·          Document libraries - Includes Check out/in and approve/reject support ·          Discussions - Control which discussion boards ar

The unattend answer file contains an invalid product key. Either remove the invalid key or provide a valid product key in the unattend answer file to proceed with windows installation

If ever you have tried using VMWare Workstation to install Windows OS, as soon as you select the .iso image, it will prompt you for the product key and you would have entered the same. But once the installation starts, it will give you this message. The unattend answer file contains an invalid product key. Either remove the invalid key or provide a valid product key in the unattend answer file to proceed with windows installation All you need to do is, Power Off the VM. Open the autoinst.flp file, find where the product key is and re-type it... guess this is a bug with VMWare which adds some special characters to the product key when given initially. Once you have saved back the file, you can re-start the installation and it will go through successfully. Screenshots below:

SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services with Analysis Services (SSAS) Cube

PerformancePoint Services and its Dashboard Designer are touted to be wonderful things that came free with SharePoint 2010! A kind of a monster product that independently existed (as PerformancePoint Server 2007 before) to be now available with our beloved SharePoint... When you start PPS, you start facing it's instability and unfriendly nature of guiding you through creating great BI Solutions. Microsoft BI - one thing that people always think, great, Microsoft allows us to pull data from Tabular data such as Excel Sheets, SharePoint Lists and SQL Server Tables and create Charts, Scorecards, KPIs and perform Analysis - and it is always thought that, you really do not need to have your SSAS Cubes created (this always is a mystery for many!). Actually, you will soon realize that, you can realize the full potential and power of PPS, only if you have your Data Source really as Analysis Services Cubes.. Infact, apart from KPIs and Scorecards (which is just a grouping of your KPIs

Trying out WebMatrix - just amazing!

Image I saw the launch of this new tool (and free!) from Microsoft today... downloaded and installed it, oh boy so amazing... embraces all tools around - be it MS or Non-MS, guess you can build a CMS enabled website within hours and publish it! I used to always think about the demise of tools like FrontPage, PhotoDraw and here comes WebMatrix, something that can possibly start matching DreamWeaver sooner than later! Some screenshots below...just go ahead and immerse yourself!

Using External Content Types with Stored Procedures with Input Parameters

You must have tried External Content Types - the exciting new feature in SharePoint 2010 to connect to an external SQL table and provide a list where it lists, creates, updates data straight into the SQL table. People always wonder, how do you get a ECT to work with a Stored Procedure, one that has input parameters. You could do it this way... Step 1: In your SharePoint Designer 2010, create a new external content type Step 2: Connect to your SQL Server and then make sure you see the Routines (your stored procedures must be listed here) Step 3: Rt Click on the Stored Procedure name and create operations for "Read Item" and "Read List" - both are required for the External Content Type's SharePoint list to be created. During both these wizards, in the Input Parameters, your SP's Input Parameter will be listed. Here, you need to create a filter, which sends out it's value to the SP's filter. For example, if your SP's Input Parameter is @Emp