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Using SharePoint Picker Controls in Custom Code

Using Asset Picker in our code Using SharePoint Image Picker Using SharePoint People Picker in Custom Webpart Custom Asset Picker with Enhanced URL Field 

.Net Framework Versions


SharePoint 2013: My Profile & Social - Customization (Useful Links) (This is for 2010) – may be try this first http://w

SharePoint 2013 Usage and Web Analytics  (You have to run Queries) Using the above ways, we can see the usage data in SP 2013. The SP 2010 option is unavailable anymore.

SharePoint developer task allocation template

Project Name Module Name Task Information Task Title Task Description Task Type [ ] Normal Task (Only SharePoint Related) [ ] Normal + DB (SharePoint + SQL) [ ] DB Only [ ] Requires R&D What does this task contain  (Check all that applies) [ ] Has View [ ] Has Save [ ] Has Edit [ ] Has Grid [ ] Has Modal Dialogs [ ] Has Server Object Model [ ] Has Client Object Model [ ] Has Web Services, WCF Services or REST Services [ ] Has Javascript / JQuery / SPServices [ ] Has External Database Interaction [ ] Is a Report [ ] Is a Background Timer Job [ ] Is a SQL Work (Table, View, Stored Procedure, Function) Technical Details Technical Approach ( WebPart, Appl Page, Modal Dialog etc.) Solution Name, WebPart / Appl Page Name List Names Table Names

Ten Key talents of successful entrepreneurs

The ten key talents of successful entrepreneurs are: business focus, confidence, creative thinking, delegation, determination, independence, knowledge-seeking, promotion, relationship-building and risk-taking. Some level of talent is innate, some can be nurtured. Each of these traits can be classified in three levels -- dominant, contributing and supporting. I have summarised the authors' description of the ten talents along with challenges and action items. Read on... 1. Business focus Traits: Profit-oriented, plan for growth, clear goals, alignment with business, tight operations Challenges: Can sometimes lose sight of customers Action points for maximisation: Use timelines and yardsticks, communicate clearly, focus on human element also, read a lot 2. Confidence Traits: Self-awareness, conviction in ability to succeed, action-oriented, pro-active Challenges: Over-confidence, haste, over-commitment Action points for maximisation: Plan ahead, prepare for co

Top 6 new features for SharePoint Designers