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Importing Profile Pictures from Active Directory to SharePoint 2010

Info about Paris (2 days)

1.        Indian restaurants nearby You can choose a restaurant in this list:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=650&wrapid=tlif133450846511710&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=restaurants+indiens+5+Rue+de+Berri++75008+Paris&fb=1&gl=fr&hq=restaurants+indiens&hnear=0x47e66fc22f7759c3:0x130b82c388180d40,5+Rue+de+Berri,+75008+Paris&ei=8_mKT9qAF6Ge0QX_r4m3CQ&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CBkQtgM They are all nearby the hotel. I already went to Santoor restaurant, but I thought that food was too expensive for its quality and service. Anyway, this restaurant is quite expensive but really nice looking inside. I’ve never been to these other restaurant. 2.        Typical taxi charges to roam around in the city Don’t worry about taxi charges here. They are all meter controlled, so no problem with it (it is not like i

SharePoint 2010 Synchronization Connections An error occurred while accessing the SQL Server database or the SharePoint Server Search Service

If ever you see this error on your SharePoint 2010 Farm : when you go to Synchronization Connections page, after you got the User Profile Synchronization to start :) Do not panic, just do an iisreset and you should have this page working again.

SQL Server in host not reachable from HyperV Guest

Consider this setup: You have a host machine (Windows Server 2008 R2) that has SQL Server installed and you have an Hyper-V virtual machine running on the host and there are applications inside the virtual machine that need acecss to SQL Server on the host. Now the catch is, the host SQL Server has multiple instances running, so the guest application (such as SharePoint 2010 for instance) needs to work with this other instance and not the default instance. Whenever you have multiple SQL Instances running, the port # for the other instances, do not get assigned by default. They are dynamic. Note that 1433 port is given for the default instance. So here is what you can do: 1. Assign a static port number (in my case, I gave 1431) to the other instance using the SQL Configuration Manager 2. Open this port number in the inbound rules of the Windows Firewall of the host machine. Your applications in the guest should just start working fine!

SharePoint Upload Dialog Slow

If you have your SharePoint 2010 environment without internet connectivity, you might encounter a few performance issues. The most important among them would be the Document Library upload dialog opening and rendering slowly. This might be very annoying, as you might find this behavior only on IE and not on FireFox or Chrome browsers and you might start thinking, why SP, being an MS product, does not work on IE! This is what you need to do (essentially, telling the browser not to check for any certificates - which can happen only when you are internet connected) ·          Under Internet Tools Option go to Advanced Tab, ·          Disable / Uncheck the Publisher’s Certificate revocation