Excel Key Features to learn for a Data Analyst

Learning Advanced Excel - Needed to Explore Data, understand patterns & themes on the data...

Below will help you become a good Data Analyst on Excel
  1. What is Latest Excel Version 
  2. Maximum Rows & Columns
  3. Calculated Columns
  4. Casting / Conversion of Data Types
  5. Especially working Text to Numbers, Extracting Year, Month, Date from a single datetime or date column
  6. Converting / changing / bringing a single time zone for multiple timezone data
  7. String operations - Extracting only a portion of your value
  8. Statistical Functions in Excel
  9. Banding a value available in a single column
  10. Pivot Tables - SO IMPORTANT and need to go deep into various features available on a Pivot Table
  11. Pivot Charts
  12. Using Slicers with Pivot Tables
  13. Using Filters with Pivot Tables
  14. Using Sorting inside Pivot Tables
  15. Moving around Rows & Columns and understanding themes in your data
  16. VLookup
  17. HLookup
  18. When to use Lookups
  19. Bringing values / columns from multiple excel sheets into a single sheet
  20. Writing basic macros to transform values in the excel columns



  1. Coding is not a necessary skill to create data visualization in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets in this article, we will show you How to Create Pareto Chart with great graphic to make your visualization sophisticated.


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