SharePoint, Office 365 – Brief Requirements Collection Questionnaire

Company Name


Company Locations


# of employees


Do you currently have SharePoint or not


What are the key objectives for which you are going for SharePoint?


You would like to go for SharePoint On-Premise or SharePoint On-Demand (Office 365)


If Office 365, what is the plan you would like to go for


Would you be using SharePoint only for Document Storage and Sharing?


Do you have any electronic Forms / Workflow requirements?


Do you have any Document Workflow requirements?


Do you have any Business Intelligence Dashboards requirements?


What are your Search requirements?


Are you ok with the default look and feel / User Interface provided by SharePoint / Office 365 or you would like it to be custom branded?


What is the amount of data storage that will growth month by month or year by year?


Would you like to integrate – Pull or Push data between any other external systems?


Would you like to migrate data or documents from external file shares or any other locations?


How soon would you like to start the project?


How soon would you like to complete the same?


What is your internal IT team's strength or skills in managing a SharePoint Portal



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