Why SharePoint Online is a much smarter choice than SharePoint On-Premise!

Security, is way tighter in SPO infact – and some features do not even exist in SP On-Premise.
For instance, with SPO:
1.You get the ADFS integration – which means, you can take advantage of the ADFS features & security policies, location based control for SPO as well 2.RMS – Rights Management Services – Azure RMS – is pre-configured in SPO and supports file types such as MS Office, PDF files, Images too – and all you need is the Azure Information Protection Client to view the protected files 3.You get DLP (Data Loss Prevention) which is only available with SPO and I have created a presentation for this here – Have a look and using this, we can prevent confidential content such as documents containing patents, SSN numbers or SWIFT Codes or IP Addresses can be protected from going out 4.SPO Content has multiple times encrypted and hence, the content is way secure than you can imagine 5.On top of it, you can even prevent SPO Sites from being accessed through certain IP Addresses, prevent …

10 Skills Every SharePoint Developer Needs

This blog post guides you through the essential skills for a successful SharePoint developer. Great SharePoint developers know how to use scripting, design, and drafting tools. They have knowledge of out of the box features that don’t necessarily need customization. This list includes the addition of a few personal attributes too. 1. KNOW THE OUT OF THE BOX TOOLS AVAILABLE TO A SHAREPOINT DEVELOPER This is the skill required above all else. You can be interviewing an amazing .NET developer who really knows their stuff, but never worked specifically in SharePoint. Unfortunately hiring him would be a huge fail on your part. SharePoint development is an odd beast and even someone who has top notch skills in all of the below mentioned areas, but no real understanding of SharePoint will fall on their face when attempting to tackle your project. Find someone who can talk SharePoint with you and prove experience using the following Windows-specific tools: 1.Out of the box features for creating w…

Multi Factor Authentication, Conditional Access for Power BI

There is always a discussion on protecting Power BI access, enabling MFA, conditional access etc. This is very much possible. Please refer this article. I have attached a PPTwith screenshots of how this works (infact, I have taken it from iGrid’s Azure Subscription) Using certain configuration, you can even block access for users, when they are not at work. Infact, you can have such a configuration done for every O365 product.
You would require Azure AD Premium P1 for this and different plans are here: This could approximately cost $6/user/month.

Solved: Battery Icon not visible and Power Toggle option disabled in Windows 10

I run Windows 10 Pro and the battery icon disappeared a few days before. When I went into the System Notifications Icons On / Off, the Power Button was disabled and I could not toggle it on.

I then went to Device Manager, Disabled and Re-Enabled couple of options under the Battery Node.

The Battery Icon came again!

SSRS Installation on Single and Multiple Servers

Please find the below steps for SSRS installation

Single Server Farm Installation 1.Install SQL Server (Select Reporting Service - SharePoint, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products) 2.Ensure SharePoint-native mode is not selected 3.Install SharePoint server 4.Run Install-SPRSService 5.Run Install-SPRSServiceProxy 6.Ensure SQL server Reporting Service is started in “Manage Services on Server” 7.Create SQL Server Reporting Service application from “Manage Service Applications) 1 SQL Server 1 SharePoint Server (APP + WFE) SQL Server : 1.Install SQL Server (Select Reporting Service – SharePoint, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products) 2.Ensure SharePoint-native mode is not selected SharePoint Server : 1.Install SharePoint Server 2.Using SQL setup media that is used in the SQL server, install Reporting Service – SharePoint, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint Products) only – only two checkbox has to be selected 3.DO NOT INSTALL DATBASE ENGINE 4…

SharePoint Online Navigation Enabling Access Denied - Solved with PowerShell

Check this link for resolution:

New technologies to learn:

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