Questions to ask for SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 Migration / Upgrade

Current SharePoint Version

Current SharePoint Edition
Foundation, Standard, Enterprise, Online
# of Web Applications

# of Site Collections

# of Content Databases

Total Size of Current SharePoint Content

# of WSP Customizations

# of SharePoint Designer Workflows

Whether any Custom Branding (Custom User Interface) has been applied (Or it just follows the default look and feel)

Do you want any new features in SharePoint 2013 to be configured or implemented


Do you want the current SharePoint 2010 environment to be upgraded to 2013 – as it is?

Do you want any new customizations to be developed?

Are there any issues in the current environment which need to be fixed before doing the upgrade?

Does the current environment have any BCS (Business Connectivity Services) features used?

Do you currently use My Sites in the current SP 2010 environment?

If yes, do you want them to be migrated as well?

If not, do you want to use My Site features in SharePoint 2013 after you upgrade?

What is the SharePoint Farm Topology that you are looking to configure / create? – 2 Servers? 3 Servers? 5 Servers? Do you want NLB or SQL Clustering to be setup as well?


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