FireFox, Role Based Authentication, JQuery WSP, SSRS, Cross Site Lookup

1.       Firefox à Authentication pop-up keeps popping up
Need to disable Loopbackcheck, follow instructions here:
This also should be tried (that is allowing NTLM authentication for your site in FireFox)

2.       Implementation of RBAC in sharepoint and the RBAC to be accessed via services. One user might be in multiple groups and highest role and access rights to be applied to the user on authentication

For this, first of all, get the list of groups the user is part of:
Then, once you get this list, you need to then should have configured somewhere (you can have a simple Custom List – which has the list of Groups along with a Rank Column for example) as to which group has got higher permissions than the other.
So in the result, if you get Members and Owners, then Owners group is higher, so take the access rights applied for the Owners group.
Thus, there is no single way in which you can get all the groups where the user is part of and also automatically get the group where he has the highest privileges.

3.       One step deployment to include jquery scripts applied in pages

Instead of including inline scripting, you can refer to a .js file and that .js file can be packaged and deployed as a WSP.
Alternatively, you can create a Custom WebPart, which includes these scripts and you have added this WebPart to your page.
When deployed, the Custom WebPart will include the script and thus the functionality will work.

4.       Sharepoint SSRS deployment

This has steps and details on how you can do this

5.       Look-up across website

You have codeplex add-ons which can be used:

Or can buy at $249:


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