SharePoint Server 2007 - Central Administration Service Unavailable

If you encounter the "Service Unavailable" error in your Central Administration, you might try running the Configuration Wizard and also check if the Application Pool is running fine, but if all this does not work, it is definitely ready to take you for a ride.

One thing you should check is EventViewer and you might find an issue with any SharePoint Services like SPSearch for exampe not being to successfully login to the content database.

You might go to the Control Panel -> Services -> SharePoint Server Search, change the Log On identity to the Farm Admin account and run it successfully, but still you might have a problem with the Central Admin.

This is where you need to step back and think if someone has changed the password for the service accounts without actually letting you know!

Now, start going through the various stsadm commands over here and update the service accounts one by one...

Now, this will definitely do the magic!

You should also be able to successfully run the Config Wizard including Upgrading to SP2!


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