Internet Explorer 9.0, IE9 Observations

I have been using IE 9 beta for a month now and this is what I have observed.


1. Very clean UI and with lots of real estate for the actual page itself
2. Just drag and drop a browser bar and you can have it open from your system tray itself, like an application
3. Separate downloads window like FireFox
4. IE 9 identifies that you are in a unfilled state in any form and gives you a warning when you try to close that tab or window "Leave this page or stay"
5. Shows the most active sites right in the home page, very handy to navigate to them quickly

Not so good:

1. Sometimes, the browser does not allow us to enter text into any textboxes - just appears completely frozen, quite frustrating, I just need to open it in any other browser and do the entry


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