Migrating SharePoint Designer Workflow within same site or different sites

When we have developed complex workflows using SPD, we always find a way to migrate / re-import SharePoint Designer Workflows within the same site or different sites.

There is a WF Migrator tool here: http://spwflmigrator.codeplex.com/ . You should try this to see how it works.
If not, there seems to be a SPD WF migration tool for $99: http://www.elegrity.com/content/ElegritySharePointTools

Before reading the above, I would recommend reading this – where they talk about why it is not easy to port and what aspects to be considered.
This is also another blog, which describes this:

Btw, you can use this tool to get GUIDs:

Apart from all the below, you also have a product from a company called SharePoint Site Migration Manager, which can be used to copy workflow associations (refer 2nd link). – This product has a 15 days trial, so it could help if none.


  1. Hey Karthick,

    Here is another method to consider: http://sharepointgypsy.blogspot.com/2010/08/yes-virginia-there-is-easy-way-to.html

    I hope that helps!



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