The given key was not present in the dictionary - issue when opening a SharePoint List

Whenever you encounter this error "The given key was not present in the dictionary" when opening a SharePoint List or when creating a new item on a list, am sure you are led to search your own code to see if you have wrongly referenced any non present field...

But, that is not the case unfortunately!

This mostly comes in lists where you have Custom Fields (inherited from SPField) created.

You will have to check if you have the corresponding fldtypes xml created and placed in the template/xml folder apart from placing the .ascx file in the ControlTemplates folder.

So in your case, you will mostly not have placed the xml file and that is what will be causing this issue!


  1. That worked. Your check point me in the right place we were referencing the wrong custom field type! Thats what happen when you follow tutorials with typo's!!!

  2. Hi Karthick, I've encountered this kind of problem, but only for a few users. Is it possible that this happens only to some users? Any hints to troubleshoot this condition?

    Thank you so much in advance...

  3. Hi Karthick, I've encountered same problem like Giovani, which only few users get the error. Appreciate if you would provide us solution.



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