Best USB Powered Compact Laptop Speakers! - Logitech V10

I usually want to keep my blog to only technical stuff, but am unable to resist writing about this new speakers that I have bought! - Logitech V10, I must confess I am a big fan of Logitech products, they are just superlative quality at the same time, value for money! - costing about US$35, it attracts right from its presence in the shelves - its just compact among every other speakers kept in the store... Once you bring it home and get it connected to your USB! - You will just be very surprised with the fidelity, volume, quality, build quality, nice little compartmented pouch (you can just easily keep it in any standard laptop bag) - trust me, this is the best if you are looking at something that just powers from your USB, is compact and does not hit on your wallet!


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