Removing missing feature dependency on a STP file

When you have a missing feature in your SharePoint that refuses to go away inspite of deactivating it as well as uninstalling it by force, a site template (.stp) that depends on - fails to work... so how do you make this work?

Well, you have to manually delete the feature id reference from the manifest.xml that is present in the .stp file. As you know, .stp files are nothing but .cab (cabinet) files, so all you need to do is rename, change the extension, open in WinRar or any such cabinet handling program, extract the files out, modify the manifest.xml file  (just delete the xml tag that points to that missing feature) and then when you have to place it back - you have to be careful!

You have to make sure there are no sub folders that get created!

Check my another post on how you can use the makecab.exe utility to recreate the cabinet file. Once you create that, then you need to rename it back to .stp, upload it back to the Site Template Gallery - and start using it!!!


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