SharePoint Mobile Integration

For all devices – iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbion

For iPhone only
For iPhone only
For Blackberry Only
For Blackberry Only

Noko – Mobile Entrée Base Plugin
The Mobile Entrée Base Plugin provides out of the boxconfigurable access to:
·         Search - with a configurable scope
·         Lists - Control which lists and views are made available to mobile users (includes support for Announcements,Calendars, Tasks and Links)
·         Document libraries - Includes Check out/in and approve/reject support
·         Discussions - Control which discussion boards are made available
·         Surveys
·         Workflow - Approval, Collect Feedback and Disposition workflows are supported
·         Sub sites


  1. Hi Karthick! I just wanted to say thank you for including Moprise on there, we appreciate it. In a few week's we're going to release Coaxion for the iPad. It's currently out on the iPhone. We're trying to take SharePoint a step further by focusing more on mobile collaboration with our new app. Anyways, you can find it at, and it's also in the app store. Thanks again! -Becca


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