SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services with Analysis Services (SSAS) Cube

PerformancePoint Services and its Dashboard Designer are touted to be wonderful things that came free with SharePoint 2010! A kind of a monster product that independently existed (as PerformancePoint Server 2007 before) to be now available with our beloved SharePoint...

When you start PPS, you start facing it's instability and unfriendly nature of guiding you through creating great BI Solutions.

Microsoft BI - one thing that people always think, great, Microsoft allows us to pull data from Tabular data such as Excel Sheets, SharePoint Lists and SQL Server Tables and create Charts, Scorecards, KPIs and perform Analysis - and it is always thought that, you really do not need to have your SSAS Cubes created (this always is a mystery for many!).

Actually, you will soon realize that, you can realize the full potential and power of PPS, only if you have your Data Source really as Analysis Services Cubes.. Infact, apart from KPIs and Scorecards (which is just a grouping of your KPIs), you really cannot do anything else with your PPS - Dashboard Designer unless you have your data coming from Analysis Services.

I wanted to just present here a document (with steps and screenshots ofcourse) to get you started on using (and creating) your Analysis Services Cubes with PPS Dashboards to utilize powerful features such as Analytic Charts, Grids and Decomposition Trees.

You will need Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 Dev / Std / Ent and SharePoint 2010 Enterprise in order to follow this through. You may try your own data as well...

Not to forget, once you have your cubes created, the "proces cubes" function must be done periodically for the cube to reflect latest data from your OLTP source. This can be done easily by creating a SQL Job.

Go ahead and stop blaming PPS!


  1. awesome article :) i was exactly facing the same problem why the hell dashboard designer Reports cannot be connected to SharePoint List Data source..Thanks

  2. That was really helpful. I was trying to do IIS reset on the whole share point site.Leslie

  3. Hello,
    Am trying to create cube but getting error..
    can you please tell me how many tables you have created am trying to create only one table that you shown above.
    I think am doing something wrong Any help please.?


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