Restoring SharePoint 2007 on a new server

This is my scenario.

I have one server running AD, SQL 2008, MOSS 2007 SP2 and wanted to separate the AD into one server and MOSS into a new server. This is what I did (and definitely not as simple as I thought it would be!)

  • Leave the AD server as it is
  • Install Windows, SQL, MOSS on the new machine
  • Format and install AD on the first server
  • Re-join the MOSS server to the Domain
  • Create all required SharePoint accounts in the AD
  • Now, you will have your SharePoint site giving an HTTP 404 error mostly
  • If you check the EventVwr, you will have "Cannot open database...Login Failed" error for the SharePoint content access account
  • You need to delete this user from the AdminContent database and re-add by giving that respective login
  • After that, you need to re-create the Schema as well (Ensure the particular admin account for example domain\spadmin is scripted in a notepad and kept
  • Once you do the above, you will have both the Central Admin and Sites opening properly but not the SSP Admin
  • After this - it is best for you to create the SSP using stsadm command instead of the Central Admin UI - because Central Admin UI creation invariably might time out!
  • Once you do this and attach your applications to the SSP, you should just be fine!


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