Power BI Salient Features

PowerBI is certainly raising up the ranks with key differentiators as below:

1.     Updates almost every week from Microsoft
2.     Integration with SSRS 2016
3.     Custom Visuals (www.powerbi.com/visuals) where you can write your own visuals and render your business data on it
4.     Excel Add-In for Power BI (Add your Excel Pivot Tables, Charts into Power BI Dashboards)
5.     PowerPoint Add-In for Power BI (Embed Power BI Visuals into your slides)
6.     Quick Insights Feature
7.     Ever growing content packs (more than 59 as I am writing this)
8.     Third party providers for Content Packs and Connectors like Theobald software
9.     Yammer Embed Option – with the ability to have a live conversation with your colleagues along side a Power BI Dashboard
10.  Video Embed Option into your dashboard
11.  Public Web Embed Option (Ability to embed your live visual inside a web page) – see examples of what iGrid has done: http://tnceo.gov.in/en-in/SitePages/PastElection.aspx - it has 2 links, which has Power BI Dashboards to show election results
12.  Sharing your Dashboard with your customers or partners
13.  Exporting content out of a visual as CSV – for further analysis
14.  Setting alerts on data values on Mobile Apps – for instance, when profitability comes down, your mobile app can immediately alert you and you can take a quick action based on that
15.  R Integration
16.  Azure Machine Learning Integration

17.  Cortana Integration 


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