Power BI Clarifications - Q&A

1.       How can we display Power Bi Visuals inside SharePoint
a.       Can we display the whole Dashboard inside SharePoint Pages
b.       Or can we display just one Visual inside a SharePoint Page using an App?

Response : A new feature has been added to PowerBI.com which is managing of embedded codes in the Settings section of PowerBI. It was added sometime last week only.

2.       How can we provide security for our content so that – the content the dashboard uses only shows the content that the logged in user has permission to
a.       For instance, I have 5 projects (Project 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 for instance) running – we have built a dashboard to show project progress, costing details, resource details etc.
b.       Now when Project Manager 1 of Project 100 comes in, the same dashboard should show data only about Project 100 and not any other Project?
c.       That is how, how does the data security transcend to the project dashboard so that the project dashboard automatically filters and shows only the data authorized for the logged in user
Response :
This scenario is called as dynamic security and is implemented by creating a bridge table which maps each user with the projects he has access to.

Power bi supports dynamic security using analysis services connectors or enterprise gateways.

For more information you can read following articles



3.       Last, on the licensing
a.       We have a company of 500 users
b.       There is 1 Power BI pro license – for a Developer – who will create the Dashboard (Pulling data from an On-Premise SQL Server) and then Publish to Power BI
c.       Now, he shares this Dashboard to the other 499 users – all of these have only Power BI free license assigned
d.       So is it right to say, we have only 1 Power BI pro license and 499 Power BI free licenses?

Response : What is said is correct. 1 Pro license and 499 free licenses. The first time you share you do get a message that asks you to upgrade to Pro License for free but on clicking cancel you can see the shared dashboard.


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