Windows 10 Display Driver Issue - Resolved


On my laptop, I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Right after the upgrade was over, I found that, the Device Driver came up only as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and I was unable to do anything with the brightness (it was full and you could imagine how it would have hurt the eyes). Obviously, I also could not connect to the projector because of the display driver.

I searched in the OEM's site (Sony Vaio in my case) and it said, the drivers for Windows 10 are all going to be available only by Nov 2015!

Wow - I can't wait till then - right? I decided to downgrade to Windows 8.1!

Then came to rescue was!

I downloaded this, ran a scan and it identified and showed that - there is a latest version of Microsoft Basic Display Driver that is available!

I installed the same and bingo - I had the brightness controlled and also the projector started working!

Infact, drivermax tool showed that there were 18 drivers that were outdated!

The free version allows you to update only 2 per day, but ofcourse, you only do what really is giving you a problem!

All the best and hope this helps many who have upgraded to Windows 10!


  1. This solution is not working for HP Pavilion g6.

    1. Oops... then guess we have to wait till they release original drivers


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