Yammer's direction with Office 365

Yammer’s direction from Microsoft is always a question and there is constant discussions on whether this will be merged with Office 365 Groups or even just terminated. But it does not look like that - with the way things are going and this is a brief that provides input on the same!

Also, with respect to the future of Yammer, if you look at http://roadmap.office.com/ there are different categories of features provided. This is a definitive site that is updated by Microsoft and will clearly give us the future of how O365 is moving.

Launched, Rolling Out, In Development, Cancelled are the different categories under which the features are mentioned.

If you look at Yammer Specific Updates, I found the below:
There are quite a set of interesting features currently available (with wearable devices support and better support for iOS / Android) and there are set of interesting features coming up. So I think Microsoft’s investments into Yammer do not look like coming down. Keeping this in mind, I think certainly, we can go in the Yammer route for collaboration between teachers in the teachers workspace we are planning. If these interesting features are put to work, certainly, it is going to add a lot of productivity to the way people work and share information.


 Improved Yammer thread visuals with card view for iOS / Android;

Yammer support for Android wear devices

Rolling Out
Tighter yammer integration with Delve;

Yammer Groups Prioritization 

In Development

Azure AD Sync for Yammer;

Office Online Support in Yammer

Also, the Yammer App for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online will be discontinued on Sep 15, 2015. The Yammer Webpart for SharePoint 2010 will be discontinued on Mar 15, 2016. On their respective dates, the app and the WebPart will stop working completely and will no longer be supported. Yammer Embed will be our single solution to integrate Yammer Feeds into SharePoint. Please note that only SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2013 or the upcoming SharePoint 2016 release will support Yammer Embed


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