Integrating SSRS with SharePoint 2013 in Integrated Mode

Step 1: Install SQL server 2012 with SP1 or 2014. And remove 'Reporting Services – Native' from the feature selection.



Setp 2: Install SharePoint Prerequisites

Step 3: Install SharePoint with Farm Installation using domain account.

Step 4: Run below commands in SharePoint 2013 Management shell prompt (run as administrator)

  1. Install-SPRSService
  2. Install-SPRSServiceProxy

Step 5: Install SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) (Business Intelligence for VS 2013). Download it from

    Note : This is 32 bit exe.

Step 6: In the above installation – new instance has to be selected.

Step 7: Check the SQL SERVER Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013. Go to Central Admin -> General Application Settings. We can see the SQL Server Reporting Services.


Step 8: Install Visual Studio 2013.

Step 8: Create a New web Application, Site Collection. And Enable Reporting Server Integration Feature and Reporting feature.

Step 9: Configure Target Report Folder in SharePoint

  1. Create a new document library named "Reports" in SharePoint Site
  2. Enable content type in "Advanced settings"
  3. Open "Report" document library, library setting "Add content type from existing" and add below content types (Report Builder Model, Report Builder Report, Report Data Source).
  4. Create a folder in the document library

Step 10: Create a SQL server reporting services in SharePoint service application and select the previous selected web application.

Step 11: Start the "SQL server reporting service" from Services on Server



Step 12: Open VS 2013 and select new reporting server project as below (after successful installation of SSDTBI setup installation we can see the business intelligence types in VS2013)

Note : In Connection specify the User Id and Password also.

See output in preview


Check the project properties before deploy.


Deploy the report and refresh the document library. We can see the updated data source and report.



Click the report.


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