SharePoint developer task allocation template

Project Name

Module Name

Task Information
Task Title

Task Description

Task Type
[ ] Normal Task (Only SharePoint Related)
[ ] Normal + DB (SharePoint + SQL)
[ ] DB Only
[ ] Requires R&D
What does this task contain  (Check all that applies)
[ ] Has View
[ ] Has Save
[ ] Has Edit
[ ] Has Grid
[ ] Has Modal Dialogs
[ ] Has Server Object Model
[ ] Has Client Object Model
[ ] Has Web Services, WCF Services or REST Services
[ ] Has Javascript / JQuery / SPServices
[ ] Has External Database Interaction
[ ] Is a Report
[ ] Is a Background Timer Job
[ ] Is a SQL Work (Table, View, Stored Procedure, Function)
Technical Details
Technical Approach (WebPart, Appl Page, Modal Dialog etc.)

Solution Name, WebPart / Appl Page Name

List Names

Table Names

Which machine this task should be done in?

What Web Application URL?

Best Practices to be followed

UI Details
To be made Responsive
 Yes / No
Master Page

CSS to refer to

Other Relevant Information

Timeline Information
By when this has to be started and ended
Start Date: ____
End Date: _____
When next review will be done by TL
Date ______
Time ______
Related Tasks, References
Which task this is related to? (Done by this developer or any other developer)
Related meaning, only if the other task is done, this developer can do this task OR this developer’s work picks some data from that task, or this developer’s work sends some data that is used by another developer’s task

Reference Internal Links (within iGrid)

Reference External Links (Internet Links)

Any reference code (either paste the code in the next column or attach the notepad or .cs file)

Any other TL or Colleague name to whom help can be sought

Final acceptance criteria
Mention the different things you expect before you can accept saying, this is done

After checking does it need to be deployed in another machine / URL, if so, specify that and also specify who has to be contacted to do this deployment, if this user does not have direct permissions


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