Scaling and adding more servers to SharePoint Foundation 2013 Search

In the last few days, we have not only been trying ourselves with different approaches, but also posted this query with Microsoft folks, Technet Forums and even LinkedIn SharePoint Groups and finally, it is clear that SharePoint Foundation 2013 Search is not scalable and thus you cannot have them spread over multiple servers - which is what we are trying to do here. (This has been confirmed by MS Support as well)
Refer the below links:

The above link clearly mentions the below:
The key limitation is the options for scaling, Search in Foundation appears to only be installable on one server, or at least I’ve not been able to change the topology yet. Attempting to use the New-spenterprisesearchadmincomponent cmdlet results in an exception stating "Access to this functionality requires a SharePoint Server Client Access License." Which is the error that is attached here as a reference


I think the solution options right now could be two:

1.       Option 1
a.       Remove the 2 App Servers completely
b.      Create a new App Server which has C Drive of 300 GB of SAN
c.       We will install the App Server components and the Search Service on this server and re-join this to the SharePoint Farm and run the Search Service only in this
2.       Option 2
a.       Completely re-install the environment, but this is not required till the Option 1 is tried out

During the above procedures, the front-ends usually continue to run but functionality such as Event Receivers, Background jobs that depend on Timer Service etc. will not work


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