SharePoint vs WordPress

​One question we get asked from time to time is what is the difference between WordPress and SharePoint. Below are a few points that describe each of these systems.


  • A robust web development platform created and supported by Microsoft
  • Provides a rich environment for completing a multitude of tasks originating around object management
  • Capable of managing documents ranging in number from a few to hundreds
  • Offers a sophisticated public-facing web presence with a robust backend that offers several tools and options for managing your department.
  • Integrates well with other Microsoft software providing MS users with an enhanced user experience
  • Supported and developed by Microsoft although some third party vendors develop and offer solution packages that extend the capabilities of the platform
  • Offers a granular level of permission to the various objects and information stored within the site
  • Offers automated workflows to help make office, task and document management more efficient. Workflows can be customized to fit your department's needs.
  • Offers the ability to set custom search scopes and returns results based on permissions
  • Offers publication work flows if publishing feature has been activated for the site
  • Easily maintain branding and site structure with master pages and page layouts that can be designed and edited via MS SharePoint Designer.
  • Offers several Out-of-the-box web tools to easily create complex functionality to your site. Including but not limited to: Blogs, Announcement feed, Wiki, Task management.


  • A stable open-source web content management system
  • Provides a quick easy solution for managing web based content
  • Offers basic support for blogging and page content management
  • Does not support functionality that requires intergration with other software packages
  • Supported and developed by the open source community; constantly expanding
  • Offers the ability to set permissions and grant access to create, edit, and manage web content
  • Offers a site search
  • Offers publication work flows
  • Has hundreds of design themes available on the site with more available across the web
  • Hundreds of third-party Plug-ins are available developed by individuals in the WordPress Community. Stability and support for Plug-ins varies drastically


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