Info about Paris (2 days)

1.       Indian restaurants nearby

They are all nearby the hotel. I already went to Santoor restaurant, but I thought that food was too expensive for its quality and service. Anyway, this restaurant is quite expensive but really nice looking inside. I’ve never been to these other restaurant.

2.       Typical taxi charges to roam around in the city

Don’t worry about taxi charges here. They are all meter controlled, so no problem with it (it is not like indian autos…:)). Well, concerning the charges, here is an interesting link:

For information, the minimum course costs 6,40€, and it is less expensive from 10 am to 5 pm on week days.

3.       Key places to visit in about 2 days’ time

Here is a good website with a 2 days tour in Paris:

All the places listed are good ones to sightsee, and the tours are well planned. Tell him not to hesitate to take the subway which is a pretty good way to move quickly to each one of the monuments. He can find a subway (“METRO” in French) stations map attached. The nearest METRO station from his hotel is line 1 (or M1) station: GEORGES V.

4.       Train booking from Paris to Zurich in the afternoon time, around 2 PM – what will be the typical charges, which site to book these tickets in?

For train booking, the best website is this one:

The rates are about: 121€ for a single travel from paris (“Gare de Lyon” station to Zurich rail station) at precisely: 2:23 PM.


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