SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Hide or Show Options

Option1 : - based on the user pressing arrow keys, the ribbon appears, this way, they can be trained to do this within the dialog window; glitch is – they can toggle this when viewing the main site itself

Option 2: - can hide or show ribbon based on a querystring parameter, so whenever a dialog window is open – we can show the ribbon by checking IsDlg; flip side is for the admin too, ribbon will not appear and they have to go to settings page by going to _layouts/settings.aspx

Option  3: - hiding the ribbon programmatically in all the pages and when a dialog window or your custom page is opened, leave the ribbon as it is – this also has option to hide the site actions menu separately

Option 4: - hide the ribbon by adding this script in all pages individually (DO NOT ADD IN MASTER PAGE and DO NOT ADD in the ADD / EDIT FORMs)


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