Windows 2008 R2 taking forever to start when dcpromo is done

Had been trying to set up a Windows 2008 R2 machine at home since last Saturday.

But i kept getting bug by this issue where Windows is taking FOREVER to boot. when i mean FOREVER, it meant like ~1 hour, when i finally gave up waiting and just reset the machine.

I tried living with it, but figured out that something is really wrong. I should point out that i had dcpromo-ed the installation.

I had had older windows DC taking like 5 mins or so to boot up because it was the only domain controller and DNS server on the network. But this was really unusual.

I tried booting from safe mode and it freezes after loading classpnp.sys. Google wasn’t exactly helpful. Tons of people seems to be stuck loading this driver because of various reasons.

So i reinstalled the installation and tested it step by step. windows updates had no issue, drivers had no issue, and it happens right after i do dcpromo.

After search on the web this time, i found out dcpromo will attempt to disable write caching on the disk storing the directory database.

Apparently, there was some problem disabling write caching on that disk that i was storing sysvol on.

Got it fixed after changing the configuration the sata cable were plugged in. the machine wasn’t liking the way i plugged it.

So if your machine is taking infinity to boot after dcpromo, you might want to check out if there are any issue disabling disk caching with the disk.


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