Validate a SharePoint Date Field against Current Date in Javascript

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a SharePoint Site which has its regional settings set to English (UK) - so that the date format becomes dd/mm/yyyy in all date pickers
  • You would like to validate a particular date field in your List or Document Library against the current date
  • If the validation does not pass, you should not allow the form to save

So what the script does is:

  • Uses the sputility (check my previous posts and also look at to get the particular SharePoint date field
  • It comes out as a date datatype, so I cast it to string
  • Since the format is in dd/mm/yyyy and Javascript compare and date functions work only with mm/dd/yyyy, I am converting them back to that format
  • then using UTC string conversions and comparing...

<script type="text/javascript">

function PreSaveAction() { 
var createdate = SPUtility.GetSPField('Date of Creation').GetValue(); 
var createdatestr=createdate.toString();
        var dt1  = createdatestr.substring(0,2); 
        var mon1 = createdatestr.substring(3,5); 
        var yr1  = createdatestr.substring(6,10);  
        temp1 = mon1 + "/" + dt1 + "/" + yr1;
var dtCr = new Date(temp1);
var CreatedDateInUTC = dtCr.toUTCString();
var currentTime = new Date();
var CurDateInUTC = currentTime.toUTCString();
var dt3 = new Date(CreatedDateInUTC);
var dt4 = new Date(CurDateInUTC);
    if(dt3 > dt4){
alert('Date of Creation cannot be greater than Current Date!');
return false;
return true;
} </script>


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