SharePoint Configuration Wizard Failing - RPC Server is unavailable

If you encounter this issue, it is clear that your SP machine is unable to get the credentials verified with the Active Directory.

Try ipconfig /flushdns - and if it still does not work, do ipconfig /registerdns


  1. # Run (copy/paste) this to SharePoint PowerShell (as admin)
    # Thanks to Raka Satria

    $SPFarm = Get-SPFarm
    $cacheClusterName = "SPDistributedCacheCluster_" + $SPFarm.Id.ToString()
    $cacheClusterManager = [Microsoft.SharePoint.DistributedCaching.Utilities.SPDistributedCacheClusterInfoManager]::Local
    $cacheClusterInfo = $cacheClusterManager.GetSPDistributedCacheClusterInfo($cacheClusterName);
    $instanceName ="SPDistributedCacheService Name=AppFabricCachingService"
    $serviceInstance = Get-SPServiceInstance | ? {($_.Service.Tostring()) -eq $instanceName -and ($_.Server.Name) -eq $env:computername}

    #here's the key. we can't provision, unprovision, start, or stop a Cache Service because we still have a Cache Service that have no server attached


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