Enabling Project Professional 2007 with Project Server 2010

Often times we wonder why Microsoft pushes us to upgrade client tools when we acquire new server products. Example is Project Server 2010 pushing us to use Project Professional 2010 only. But all hope is not lost, there is a way to get Project Professional 2007 get working with your Project Server 2010 even though you have not upgraded your Project Server 2010 from Project Server 2007 (while which it supports backward compatibility mode OOB).

Here is what you need to do.

1. Download Project Server 2007 blank databases from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=bb47fb30-d7e9-4850-9432-12e283eabe70
2. Restore these databases to your SharePoint 2010 DB Instance that is also running your Project Server 2010 databases
3. Create a new Web Application and a Site Collection on a desired port number : this is for hosing the new BCM enabled PWA, the earlier PWA has to be just discarded :(
4. Once the Top Site (Team Site for instance) is created, enabled SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure Site Collection Feature
5. Now on the URL, if it is http://servername:555/, you can create your PWA (Go to your Service Applications, under your Project Server Service Application, you can create the new PWA)
6. When you do that, ensure to change all the 4 databases to the Project Server 2007 databases that you restored.
7. You are done :) - in the new PWA -> Server Settings -> Additional Server Settings, you will find the following option enabed and also the Project Professional 2007 version mentioned.


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