FAST 2010 Search Server Changing Index Location

I have a 2 Server FAST 2010 Search Server environment. Initially you would have installed with the default location of C:\FASTSearch. Later, if you would like to change the index location, to let's say a SAN Drive where you have mapped a SAN Partition of few terrabytes

Go to FAST 2010 PowerShell of both SPFAST1 and SPFAST2.
Run nctrl status
You should see the relevant services running. In my SPFast2, I have the RTS Indexer service running.

I have changed the FAST Index Location to E: (SAN Partition) in the SPFAST2 machine.
The configuration of index and Filter XML Directories are present in c:\FASTSearch\etc\rtsplatformrc.xml file.
After I changed, I restarted the machine and bingo, I could see the index files moved to the SAN Partition!


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